Saturday, December 6, 2014

OFF-TOPIC SATURDAY #1 | a.k.a. Unfortunately I do not live only in stuck in books: Flash vs Arrow CROSS-OVER


Off-Topic Saturday is a weekly event hosted by me, where once a week, on Saturdays (DUHH!!), I prove you that in real world, unfortunately, nobody can live only stuck in books. Every Saturday, anybody can talk about anything that has happened during that certain week. I show you how to do this and you are welcome to join me.

OHH, GOSSHH!!! I'm already hosting a weekly event. This feels fantastic. And I cannot wait to see how it's going to work like... Dude, I just made up a meme!! Somebody should give me a bag of spaghetti! (I'd prefer some pizza, though!!) I should give myself a punch right in the face... I feel dumb and everything I'm saying must look very dumb... but I am, simply said, super-duper-zuper excited!!!!!! SPOILERS ALERT! But who hasn't watched it!?

So, on today's OFF-TOPIC SATURDAY, I'm going to talk about FLASH VS ARROW, the super-duper-zuper cool CROSS-OVER that aired on the CW on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Flash airs on Tuesday, the first episode of the two-night event was aired then, and the Arrow's on Wednesday, the second part of the cross-over.

I am madly in love with those two TV series. Like... MADLYY!!!!!!!!!!! Now, seriously, the Cisco GIF just sums up all my feels and Caitlin there is my sister, family, friends, people, everybody!! Sometimes, I feel I am alone in this whole world... I am the only one who's into so many things... And I have 4 million TVs to watch the shows, supposedly!

 First of all, you should have expected that this place is bombed... with lots of GIFs, or just as many as tumblr gave me. So, the big event started on Tuesday with the new episode of The Flash, called 'Flash vs. Arrow'. And I was like: 'OMG, CROSSOVER!' x1000 times. Then I started watching the episode... TOTALLY NOT READY FOR THAT, DUDE!!

The FLASH was doing his 'move'. And then, the ARROW stepped in. And I was like... 'OMG OMG OMG!!! I am so no ready for this partnership'.
I was literally drooling over the whole episode. I was staring on and on and on at the two. Oliver was cool and cool and unbelievably hot; even Iris was fangirgling. Stephen Amell is hotness on Earth!! And there was Barry, the cute, inoffensive and handsome and hot, but not as hot as Oliver, Barry!! My reaction to having Stephen, Colton and Grant in the same place is.... in the GIFs:

Anyway, imagine Arrow saving Flash. The Tuesday episode was about that. But, truth be told, I haven't found a gift worthy of being here. But... I've got a GIF of Flash saving the Arrow, and he's doing his thing unbelievably cool! Check it out:
DUUDDDE, I love fangirling!!

I know  I make no sense in everything I'm saying today right here. But I've watched just a bit before building up this post and I've got all the feels in myself. It will take me a while to get over 'Nice mask' or 'Nice try', and you've got the GIFs right here:

Now, seriously, I just love the way they are teaching each other how to be better. The Arrow is teaching The Flash how to be a true hero: keep learning, study as much as you can of the case you're into, don't run rogue too easy. And The Flash is teaching the Arrow to be more of a hero: never lose humanity, it must be still in there. How can you lose humanity when your intentions are pure?!!

One interesting difference between the two, up until now, is that although both have got the purest intentions: THEY WANT TO PROTECT THEIR CITIES!!, The Arrow can't NOT be cool, but the Flash often gets into a messy situation in which he is so cute. I'd say Arrow is much darker. This is how it has evolved. It's tougher!!! But Flash has got enough time to evolve too... I'd say that FOUR SEASONS are secured by the ratings!! I swear if I had money, I'd get THREE MILLIONS of TVs to watch The Flash and Arrow!!

I'd keep repeating everything over and over, but you might get bored. That's why this is it!! This was the first OFF-TOPIC SATURDAY, and we shall see how good it was. LEAVE ME A COMMENT, telling me if you've watched this SUPER-DUPER-ZUPER cool CROSS-OVER!! I'm done after another GIF... This week's Cisco was simply too good to be real.

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