Thursday, December 4, 2014


RULES: Just grab these 10 questions, answer them on your own blog, grab my handy-dandy button (or link to and you’re set!

Well, well... it looks like I am doing it too! And I support all of you that are reading this or simply loving Cait from Paper Fury (formerly Notebook Sisters) to do so too. 'BOUT THIS BLOGGER is made up by Cait. This is a good enough reason to do it!

So... 'BOUT THIS BLOGGER: Lavinyaa Pash
(who on Earth is that monkey?!)

1. Why did you start blogging?
The answer is quite simple. I feel a psychological need to share all my stupid ideas with everybody around. Got that? What I am doing here is sharing my opinions and ideas with you so you can turn into my little robots. evil, arent I?

My first blog was born on July 3rd 2011. I had given up on it on July 7th 2012 because of several reason: I HAD TO MOVE ON FROM JPOP AND KPOP! In the end, I couldn't. And my blog stayed deleted.
In April 2014, after months of following book blogs, I said I had to get one too. The original the screenbook. was born. School, the worst enemy of reading and having fun, made me give up. My second book blog Booking Another Page was made in July with Anrita, a nice Latvian girl. But she lost interest, then I lost interest... And I am not that kind of person to share stuff, including my sweet little blog.

So, here I am. Reopening the screenbook. after I've deleted every single post I had here (minus the Introducing Me one). I promise I am going to stick with this boy!

2. What’s the story behind your blog’s name?

I kept thinking about a name the whole afternoon. I had only the big headlines of what the blog should be like. My first try was: 'Books are my favorite Pizza topping', which is weird, but delicious!! All I knew was that I didn't want a BOOK-ONLY focused book. I wanted to write about TV SERIES and MOVIES and MUSIC and LIFE. All those four things can get connected by a few words, one of them being: screen (TV SERIES, duhh!; movie, on HBO, for example; music, on MTV, for example; and I live like half of my life in front of a screen - computer or laptop)

So, that was the idea. the screenbook. is a Life-focused blog. Dudes, I know I keep bolding and italic-ing words a bit too much! Overall, I do not think I can name it a story, but certainly it is something... I can't name it, tough.

3. How many designs have you been through since you started blogging? (Pictures! We demand pictures!)

Sorry to disappoint you, but when I made the blog I had chosen a background and wrote the name of the blog on a google imaged and TADAAHHH!!! ... I had from the start this design. And if you demand a picture:

Day by day, I'm falling in love with it more and more and.... YOU GET THE IDEA! Anyway, I think I got the design the right way and I, most probably, won't be changing it for a while... like six months, a year, more... Blah and Blahh!!

I know I talk a lot. How can I brainwash people without talking much?

4. Have you ever switched blog platforms? What made you move? If you haven’t ever changed…why?

Yes. My 2011 blog was on Wordpress. Then, in 2014, when I first wanted to start a book blog, I decided to try Blogger, for the simplest reason.... Everyone was using it! And I needed to try to see why.

Blogger, when I first used it, was crappy and odd. It made no sense. I mumbled to myself that I'd go back to Wordpress, but this oddness and crap stuck with me and I stayed with this buddy o' mine. My life and all lives are made out of nonsense... so, right now, I think is quite obvious why I ended up working with Blogger.

5. How long does it take you to write a post? What’s your postly process like?

Posts take little to get written and posted. Finding GIFs, photos, data about different stuff that thousand times more. Reviews are easy to write... I already have them on Goodreads. And only a Copy-Paste thing is between a review and getting it posted on my blog...

I love saying 'my blog'!

It's a bit harder when I've got to LIVE write everything that is in the post. For example, it's already been 20 decades (minutes) since I started writing this post. Right now, knowing I have lost ten more minutes (decade!) to find this piece of a masterGIF, I have got to put this:

You get the idea!!

6. Have you ever been super nervous about a post? Why?! What was it?

I am nervous about most of the posts.  For memes and stuff, it's like introducing yourself, the blogger, to your audience over and over again... Talking about different things, yeah, but something it could not work as well as hoped.

For reviews, I am curious how people will receive my opinion. When it comes to 1 or 2 stars reviews, it's a bit scary. People might start to dislike you because you've rated their favorite book with 1 star. But there's that saying: Tastes shouldn't be judged.

(unfortunately, I sometimes judge myself for disliking a certain book. Inner conflicts are the best plot-twists, though.)

7. Do you have a blogging schedule?

I wish I had. I had only started reblogging for two hours. However, I think that one way or another I will make one. I know the popular memes and I'll try to follow them as much as I can. For the moment, everything will look like:
  • SUNDAY: Possible review or/and Stacking the Shelves or/and something else.
  • MONDAY: Possible review or/and Mixtape Monday.
  • TUESDAY: Possible review and Top Ten Tuesday.
  • WEDNESDAY: Possible review and/or Waiting on Wednesday.
  • THURSDAY: Possible review and/or something else.
  • FRIDAY: Possible review and Five Friday Favorites.
  • SATURDAY: Possible review and/or Fresh Batch.
To explain what I just said right above... Reviews are posted whenever they can be posted. This means that there's a chance you might get a review every single day of the week or never... HUH!!?? Yes, I said no review a whole week, which is totally false! The thing is that I am not scheduling when or how I post stuff. When I can blog, I blog.

Five Friday Favorites are going to happen frequently. I love ranking stuff. Top Ten Tuesday is so going to happen too, but my Wednesday at school is HELL ON EARTH! which means I am stuck between textbooks. I'm a straight-A student but I hate studying! Hilarious, darlings!!! Mixtape Monday, Waiting on Wednesday and Fresh Batch might or might not happen. It depends on how much or less I want to do them.

8. Do you tell people In-Real-Life about your blog? Their reactions?

No. I don't. I mean I invited most of my Facebook friends to like the Facebook page!! (You can too, by clicking on the left sidebar!!)  But except from that, NO NO NO!!

You might be familiar or you're getting familiar with who I am as a blogger, a reader and open and public person, but in-real life, at school, at home, in society, I am an anti-social nerd. People now-days are very uninterested by books. Now seriously, I can't imagine a world without books.

9. Top ten blogs you read/comment on the most! Go! Go!

It is nice that now I am introducing you my favorite bloggers. It is true that I try to comment back to everyone, but there are some bloggers, not that many, that I find incredibly incredible and follow and comment and love them out of pure love and respect and admiration and I wish their blogs were mine and my blog was theirs, just because my blog is a rookie, just like I am, and they are so fantastic. Anyway, my top ten bloggers and their blogs (Oh! This is going to be fun!)

That was fun!

10. If you could change/improve things about your blog, what would they be?

It's killing me... but right now, I'm going to say that at the moment I'd change literally nothing here. I like the design and it's going to be a while up until I'm going to get bored of it. As for now, I just want to start blogging and reviewing and doing stuff for real.

Ask me in a week and you'll think I hate what I am doing. In fact, I can only love it.


So, that was it. Pretty fun, right? I'm going to let you return to your mundane life after I introduce you to this unbelievably cool signature I have got. I still need to figure out how to put it right and where I should put it (right, left, center, hell!).