Thursday, December 4, 2014

the screenbook. the beginning only!

This is the grand premiere!!
Oh my god! i am so excited.

Seriously, I am truly happy that I've finally REopened this boy. I was kind of used to the world of blogging but I actually never thought I'd really make it. I mean, I've recently had over twenty blogs but after three posts nothing made me continue. Unlike those, books, TV series and movies... it's my life! and this blog will be my mirror. That'll be so awesome, even without my philosophical touch!

So, welcome to my blog where I will post reviews and news about books, movies, TV series (episodes), possibly songs and different events. I really hope you will enjoy those. I do not have specific tastes in anything, I can enjoy anything, though I'd rather read young-adult than new-adult and paranormal and historical than science-fiction, though I'm a big fan of dystopian. You will see soon more about what I am doing.

Lots of kisses,

by the way, let's socialize!

Most probably, you've heard about the the screenbook. thing already. The blog is reopened with new posts with new stuff. And from now on, I promise everything will be just fantastic. And I'm not giving up this time. NO MATTER WHAT!!